Canopy Reductions

Canopy or crown reductions reduces the overall size of the tree. A few reasons to do this: it makes the tree more aesthetically pleasing, reducing the weight on heavy loaded limbs and brings more sunlight to the neighbouring areas.

essex tree removal


Tree Removal

There may be many reasons to completely remove a tree, structurally unsound, wind damaged, contains infectons or diseases like ash die back and much more.

crown thinning


Crown Thinning

Crown thinning removes small branches evenly throughout the tree – this is to increase sunlight on the ground below and to make the tree more aerodynamic to prevent strong winds from collapsing branches. Doing this does not change size or shape of the tree.

dead wooding


Dead Wooding

Dead wooding is the process of removing any dead or dying branches that are likely to fall off and harm or break anyone or anything underneath.

stump grinding


Stump Grinding

Strump Grinding is the process whereby we remove the stump of the tree and the roots below to a desired point for a better overall look.

hedge trimming


Hedge Trimming

We cover all type of hedge work including general trimming for height, shape, and apperance, plus insect pest control and hedge reducing.

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